song: jeszcze raz
album: siglo xxi
artist: belgrado

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Your Funeral - I Wanna Be You
50 plays

song: i want to be you
album: i want to be you ep
artist: your funeral

usa - 1982

Klaus Nomi - Three Wishes
66 plays

song: three wishes
album: simple man
artist: klaus nomi
germany - 1982

song: this corrosion
album: floodland
artist: the sisters of mercy
uk - 1987

Sivert Hoyem - What You Doin' With Him
10 plays

song: what you doin’ with him
album: moon landing
artist: sivert høyem
norway - 2009

10 plays

song: the mouth don’t stop (the trouble with women is)
album: more beer
artist: fear
usa - 1985

song: umbra
album: the wait
artist: l’avenir 

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Tones On Tail - Christian Says
279 plays

song: christian says
album: everything!
band: tones on tail
england - 1988

in this age of frozen freaks
the only highs we get are low
in this age of cold relief
brings only what a way to go
with money in your pocket
you say wise and always free
but with that money in your pocket
you’ve got nowehere to go

song: stop stop
album: plitka poezija
band: pekinška patka
serbia - 1980

šumbi dumbi dubi dumbi šandi rondi ra
anana anana anana anana
dubi dubi ra

stop, stop neću vise disko!

song: lonely boy
album: el camino
band: the black keys
usa - 2011 

kraftwerk’s musicon a calculator. 

kraftwerk’s music
on a calculator. 

song: Кончится лето (summer will end)
album: Чёрный альбом (the black album)
band: Кино (kino)
russia - 1990

Goldfinger - Superman
79 plays

song: superman
album: hang-ups
band: goldfinger
usa - 1997 

the metal-zodiacby jolly rotten+: her deviantart

the metal-zodiac
by jolly rotten
+: her deviantart

Metallica - Motorbreath
80 plays

song: motorbreath
album: kill ‘em all
band: metallica
usa - 1983