spain timelapses series: barcelona
from senses
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adéu, barcelona!
by lucas jatobá

"hello, my name is lucas, i‘m a 29 year old brazilian. for the last 3 years i’ve been really happy living in barcelona and that’s why i’d like to say goodbye being grateful to the city in a special way. i hope you enjoy it.”

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song: mask
album: sorrow | hope
artist: yani
venezuela - 2010

dir.: renzo narváez
spain - 2011 

in public we are a lie with a mask, so we can fit in
in private we paint the one we will wear tomorrow.

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martin allais
latino magico
a venezuelan designer based in catalunya, spain

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barcelona street artgraffitispain+: link 

barcelona street art

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travel by metro. help the planettransports metropolitans de barcelonaby bassat ogilvy barcelona, spain

travel by metro. help the planet
transports metropolitans de barcelona
by bassat ogilvy barcelona, spain
the cursor was placed on a square in figueres, catalunya during the cultural festival ingràvid. people could touch it, move it around and sit on it as an alternative to the benches.

via gps, the cursor transmitted its geographic coordinates to a website. at the website, the coordinates were mapped in google maps thereby documenting the cursor’s movements in the physical world.

me tripeo el cursor todo megapixelado.